Eric’s Journey to Health

So very proud of my friend Eric. This is why I love what I do. Health Transformations!!! **He tried for years with extreme exercise with barely a result – look at him now. And he is paying it forward creating a train of health!!
His words:
70 lbs down for me and I’ve dropped 5 meds! Pic on the left is the one I saw that made me decide I had to change my ways! But what’s even better is I’m helping 2 of my FB friends with the plan and they’ve lost 15 and 10 pounds!

Eric is a huge fan of boxing and took his health to a whole new level…. Now is he lean and mean and carries a six pack!  🙂


Lisa’s Journey to Success



40lbs Gone!

“People ask me all the time about our program and why it is so unique. They obviously see my personal transformation but are curious about their own. There happens to be so many aspects of our program that truly place it in a league of its own, but the two reasons it has been so beneficial for me is that I have learned how to create Healthy Habits that are completely sustainable all while having the support of an entire community of Health Coaches who are highly motivated to help one another achieve success.”

Lisa has been maintaining for 7 months now and has joined our team of health coaches to pay her success forward to her family and friends!

Lacee’s Journey to Success


I weighed 158 lbs now weigh 125 lbs. I needed a size 16 and now wear a 2!! I wore a large in jeggins and now wear an xs!! Went from needing an XL shirt to a small. I went down 1/2-1 size smaller in shoes depending on if dress shoes or tennis shoes. OOOOO…Did I mention I feel AMAZING?!

She has not only transformed her own health but has joined our team to pay her success forward by helping others!  She is a RockStar!



Lana lost 40lbs!

lana Before After

Lana chose health and has never felt better!  It’s not always easy looking at before pictures and you really don’t notice how far you’ve come until you do a side by side comparison. After having done many other programs before, only to gain even more back, she decided to give it one more shot and was a huge success!  So much so that she is paying it forward by health coaching now.

Way to go Lana!!!!