10 Tips to Get You Started on the Right Track


Preparing for the first day

Tomorrow is the day! You are probably very excited to get started – and

maybe a little apprehensive, too.  Here are a few tips that will make the first

day easier for you and ease your anxiety a little bit.

  •  Read your Guide from cover to cover today. This came in your

food box. Get it out and read it carefully. This is your instruction manual that

you will refer to time and time again.

Take the online Health Assessment Quiz on your health coach’s website.

This will give us a benchmark of your starting point.

  •  Clear your cupboards. Today is the day to get rid of all your favorite

foodstuffs that are not allowed on your plan: chips, candies, ice cream, wine,

cheese, dairy products, cakes, breads, crackers, fruit, you get the idea.

Sure, I know you’re determined – but at 3:00 PM tomorrow afternoon you might not

be feeling quite so sure of yourself! So make it easy on yourself and get it out

of the house – NOW.

Put family members on notice that they will have to eat their favorites out of the house and out of your sight – at least for the next two weeks until you get your routines well-established.

  •  Plan tomorrow’s Lean & Green meal. There are some great recipes on

your health coach’s website or on this website under the recipes category.

Go to the store tonight and get what you need to prepare your L&G tomorrow.

Keep it simple: 5-7 ounces of grilled lean beef, chicken or fish, and 3 servings of

non-starchy vegetables. That’s it. See your Lean & Guide for details.

  •  Select 6 Fuelings to take with you tomorrow (1 extra), and put

them in a zip lock bag. Just pick up the bag and take it on the way out the

door (you’ll have that extra meal in case you are hungry or get delayed

for lunch).

  •  Take your measurements and your BEFORE picture tonight. You’ll be really,

really sorry if you don’t do this. After you lose weight – And You Will – it will be

too late. Do it now! Having this picture will be inspirational!

  •   Ask your health coach to be added to our Facebook Private Groups for clients.  It’s a treasure-trove of very practical info, including recipes, tips and an entire interactive online community. You’ll love it!
  •  Be sure and weigh yourself tomorrow morning just before you step into the

shower. This will be your starting weight, and although it’s discouraging – it

will be the last day you see that number on the scale. : ) Send it to your health


  •   No exercise for first 3 weeks: If you are not currently exercising, don’t start

now. We recommend that you wait until your body adjusts to the lower

calorie intake, or about three weeks. If you ARE currently exercising, you will

need to cut that in HALF, both duration and intensity. No huffing and puffing

and no going over 45 minutes.

  •  Sign up for the texting campaign.  Your coach can send you the #.

Finally, Get a good night’s rest.

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