COSTCO Approved Shopping List


Alaska Cod
AMYLU Organic roasted red pepper and mozzarella 1 1/3 patty =1 lean (no healthy fat needed)
AMYLU Caramelized onion chicken burgers 1 ½ patties =1 lean
Chicken Breast 6 oz = 1 lean
Coleman Organic Basil and Roasted Garlic Chicken meatballs-8 meatballs =1lean
Crepini Egg thins with cauliflower-2 thins =1 condiment or one green
Don Lee farms chicken patties- 2 patties =1 leaner
Foster Farms turkey meatballs- 5 meatballs = 1 lean
Frozen Riced Cauliflower- ½ cup =1 green
Greenridge Farm Beef Sticks- 2 sticks =1 lean.
Highliner roasted lemon pepper cod- 2 fillets = 1leaner
Jones Dairy Farm fully cooked chicken sausage 3 links =1 oz protein (too high in sodium for more)
Kibun Healthey Noodle – 4 oz =1 green
Kirkland Atlantic Salmon
Kirkland plain greek yogurt 12 ounces =1 leanest
Kirkland solid white Called Albacore Tuna packed in water 7 oz =1 leanest
Kirkland Turkey Burgers 1 ½ patties =1 lean
Kirkland Unsalted Almonds 10 whole =1 snack
Laughing Cow Light Swiss spreadable cheese 1 wedge =1 healthy fat
PBfit: one Tablespoon=1 condiment, 2 Tablespoons =1 snack
Premier Protein Shake 1 ½ shakes =1 leanest
Quick’n Eat Fully cooked choice angus beef patties 1 patty =2/3 lean
Rao Marinara Sauce ¼ cup =1 green
Rotisserie chicken, no skin, 6 oz =1 leaner
Sabatino’s Organic basil and cracked pepper smoked chicken sausage 1 2/3 link =1 lean
Sabatino’s smoked mozzarella with artichokes and garlic chicken sausage 2 links =1 leaner
Salmon 5 oz =1 lean
Sukhi’s chicken coconut curry 6.5oz =1 lean
Summer Schwartz Healthy Noodle.
Trident Alaskan Salmon Burgers 1 ½ patties =1 lean
Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce ¼ cup =1 green
West End Chicken Skewers 4 skewers =1 lean
Wholly Guacamole mini cups 1 cup =2 healthy fats
Zucchini Noodles ½ cup =1 green
Kirkland Canned premium Chunk Chicken Breast 6 oz =1 leanest
Kirkland Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 cup =1 condiment
Other Green Options: Asparagus, cabbage, celery, collards, endive, butterhead, romain, watercress, bok choy, celery, white mushrooms, fennel bulb, Alfalfa sprouts, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, eggplant, kale, spinach, radishes, scallions, Portabella mushrooms, zucchini and summer squash, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, French green beans, spinach, spring mix, frozen green beans, English cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, bell peppers, frozen cauliflower and broccoli, swiss chard.
Other Lean Options: Shrimp, salmon, swordfish, trout, halibut, cod, flounder, haddock, orange roughy, grouper, tilapia, mahi mahi, wild or farmed catfish, mackerel, herring, crab, scallops, lobster, shrimp, deer, bison, elk, lamb, steak, roast, ground beef, pork chop or pork tenderloin, ground turkey, chicken, turkey, pork chops, lean ground beef, lean ground turkey, chicken thighs, cooked turkey breast, Rotisserie chicken, frozen chicken breasts.

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