Mexican Beef and Zucchini Skillet


Mexican Beef and Zucchini Skillet

(Sandy’s Kitchen)

1 Serving with 1 Lean, 3 Greens, and 3 Condiments per serving (No Healthy Fat required)

5 oz ground beef (93%), cooked (1 Lean)
1/2 cup rotel tomatoes with some of the liquid (1 Green)
1 cup raw zucchini, chopped (2 Greens)
2 tbsp salsa (2 Condiments)
1/2 tsp taco seasoning mix (.66 Condiments)

Combine ground beef, rotel tomatoes, zucchini, salsa, and taco seasoning mix in a medium skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until zucchini is tender, about 5 minutes.


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