Egg Salad Wrap

Egg Salad Wrap

egg salad wrap

Slightly modified from

Makes 2 servings and per serving you receive:

1 leaner protein

1 green

2 condiments

1 healthy fat



4 eggs & 8 egg whites
½ cup celery
1 tablespoon green onions
¼ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
1 ½ tablespoon light mayo
2 teaspoons yellow mustard
1 cup lettuce
2 slices of turkey bacon
1 ½ oz avocado


  • In a medium bowl mix together eggs, celery, green onions, salt, pepper, mayo, and mustard.
  • On each piece of lettuce place 2 strips of bacon.
  • Top the bacon with a spoonful of the egg salad and a couple of the avocado slices.
  • Grab a napkin and enjoy!

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